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Arousal of Kundalini

The arousal of Kundalini is so bewildering and new to a person that it is impossible for him to understand it intellectually. The mind and ego can never have any reach to it. Many persons who are undergoing the painful mental suffering of psychotic nature are the cases of abortive kundalini arousal. This means that passage of cosmic energy has opened in them due to certain reasons and it rushes freely hither and thither pushing the I sense (jiva) along with it into various uncontrolled mental channels. By correct kundalini arousal this wrongly moving shakti may find its proper path because the kundalini process is a process of transformation of consciousness from animal nature to human nature and then from human nature to divine nature. Kundalini process is an upward journey of evolution. All modern forms of Kundalini Yoga from Gorakhnath and Matsyendranath onward trace back to the Pashupata yogis and their Guru Lakulisha (150 A.D.).

In the Kundalini process the ultimate truth that is God or the real self alone is accepted as the truth. The mind along with its desires is considered to be a great falsehood which enslaves the I. The 'I' has to be liberated from the mind whereas in psycho analysis one never gets out of the clutches of mind and its suffering. This is the most basic difference between psycho analysis and Kundalini process in which one has to realize by doing away with the illusion that one is a physical body. This illusion gets dropped when Kundalini process starts.

Vama Marg and kundalini Awakening

The conception of vama marg is that the awakening of Kundalini is also possible through sexual interaction between man and woman.

The path of Kriya Yoga

The ultimate purpose of kriya yoga is to create awakening in the chakras to purify the nadis and finaly to awaken the kundalini shakti. The purpose is to awaken the kundalini in stages and not abruptly. It is a risk free means of awakening your kundalini or expanding your awareness.

Kundalini and the Teaching of Sri Raman Maharshi

Sri Raman Maharshi also spoke about Kundalini only on few occasions. His method of subsiding the "I" thought into the heart can be viewed as a certain form of the Kundalini process. It is unfortunate that the word Kundalini is much abused. Some scientists, physicists and psychologists regard the divine Mother Kundalini as an ordinary material energy. They consider it to be only a tool for therapy or a means of releasing body chemicals which bring organic changes in the brain and nervous system. Some call it the bio-energy of the body. But in our scriptures Kundalini is always respectfully referred to as divine consciousness. The main purpose of its awakening in a seeker is to enable him to attain Godhood.

Kundalini Shaktipat - a boon for quantum leap in sadhana

Disksha means initiation into spiritual life by a guru. Shaktipat is a method of directing prana energy into disciple. It makes direct changes in sadhakas' chakras, nadis, and sub conscious mind. Its various methods are by glance (using eyes), by touch or simply by intention. There are four requirements. First is grace of the self. Second is the grace of the books. Third is grace of Sidha Guru. And fourth is grace of the God. In shaktipat disksha the guru inflows causal current into sadhaka's fourth casual body and awakens Kundalini energy and directs it to mouth of Sushmana Nadi. It is a really wonderful experience that is transmitted by a Kundalini Guru to his disciple.

Kundalini Guru

Remember that the Master, the Guru embodies the crystallization of the blessings of all his masters and enlightened beings. So to invoke him is to invoke them all and to merge your mind and heart with your master's wisdom. But always remember that the Outer Guru introduces you directly to the truth of your Inner Guru. Both Outer and Inner teacher are indivisible. That is why in Kundalini Yoga, so much importance is given to Guru.